Creative Thinking - creativity, innovation, invention, perception, critical thinking, imagination, genius, idea, brain storm, solution, problem solving

Creativity, Innovation, Invention, Perception, Critical Thinking,
Imagination, Genius, Idea, Brain Storm, Solution, Problem Solving

Michael Michalko is an internationally acclaimed, creative thinking expert and the author of
'Thinkertoys (A Handbook Of Business Creativity)',
'Cracking Creativity (The Secrets Of Creative Genius)',
'Thinkpak (A Brainstorming Card Deck)',
and numerous articles on creative thinking.

Michael Michalko's Creative Thinking web site contains samples of his world renowned creative thinking techniques, exercises, articles, and personal interviews; many of which will give you valuable insight into the thought processes and solution finding practices of creative thinking geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Leonardo daVinci, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, just to name a few.  For more information about creative thinking please click on the links below:

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If you want to learn more about the keywords on this page and the ways in which they are a part of thinking creatively, then visit the document library and the resources and links on Michael's Creative Thinking web site by clicking on any of the links on this page.

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