A Brainstorming Card Deck




ThinkPak is 56 individual cards used to create new and innovative ideas. Not only can the cards be used individually but also with groups, co-workers, teammates, family, children, etc. First let me demystify ThinkPak, ThinkPak is basically the technique of SCAMPER, but with some great additions. If you have not read the books Thinkertoys, or Cracking Creativity, SCAMPER is merely a way to create new ideas.


S = Substitute?
C = Create?
A = Add?
M = Modify
P = Put to other uses?
E = Eliminate?
R = Rearrange or Reverse?

You merely get an idea or a problem and expand on them using the individual SCAMPER cards. In addition, you then can evaluate your ideas with the “evaluation” cards. Sound simple? Yes it is, but all too powerful!

Let me also start by properly labeling how the cards are separated, and put together into 4 different uses. From the ThinkPak booklet:

Card No. 1 is an easy -reference list of the nine principle strategies.
Card No. 2 outlines the basic techniques for using ThinkPak.
Cards No. 3 through 47 are idea stimulators, i.e. SCAMPER
Cards No. 48 through 56 are techniques that help you evaluate your ideas. i.e. “evaluation” cards

What makes the cards very nice is they are sort of “bullet-items” for SCAMPER, so the cards can do the walking. One side of the cards is some creative diagram visually labeling the card sets (just visual, nothing to use). The backside of the cards is where the information is. All of cards are numbered and the cards are filled with questions and examples, useful to understanding and using SCAMPER.

ThinkPak also comes with a small 61-page booklet with instructions on how to use the cards. The booklet is also great, I have read both of Michael’s books and the little ThinkPak booklet gave me some new examples on how to use SCAMPER. Also in the booklet Michael gives some great examples on how people used ThinkPak in real life creative situations. There is a lot more in the booklet as well, including an area on how to use ThinkPak in-groups.

Lotus Blossom is also mentioned in the ThinkPak booklet. Another one of my favorite techniques for creating new ideas. Lotus Blossam is merely a special diagram you draw on a piece of paper that you expand your ideas with. You merely start with a central idea and you expand it outward from a central starting point. The diagram is expanded and is shaped somewhat like a flower (although with squares), hence the name Lotus Blossom. For an in-depth explanation of the Lotus Blossom, check out Cracking Creativity. One of my all-time favorite books, and a great addition to ThinkPak.

I love my card deck and I find them very helpful. I also have always liked SCAMPER, and find it very idea-friendly. With SCAMPER, evaluation cards, Lotus Blossam and other ways to create ideas, be prepared to have a notepad ready because ideas will come so fast you may not be able to write them down fast enough! Yeehaww!

– Ann Bowman



This is my favorite purchase of all times on Amazon. As an educator in a project based learning system these cards revolutionized the creativity and innovation in our projects. Most people believe that you are either born creative or you were not. Nonsense. Use these cards to tackle any problems or projects in your life and you will amaze yourself with the ideas you generate. Although I know it is probably strange, I carry this deck with me everywhere I go, every day. This is my most valued tool in being innovative. Love, love, love these!!!

– Verified Amazon customer



They are 56 cards with a 64 pages instruction booklet, here’s the fun part, the booklet is full rich experience with the card deck, it makes you start thinking with the scamper on your everyday, it has creativity study cases and a lot of scamper made decisions in the past, like why does the hotdog comes with a bread, the answer is that a frankfurt sales man and his brother-in-law a baker where trying to find out a way to make the frankfurt sales more profitable, because at first they sell it in a plate so people wont burn their fingers with the hot frankfurts, then they tried with cotton gloves, but they were to expensive and some times the customers walk away with the gloves on, so they ask them self, how we can COMBINE the sausages to make people wont burn their fingers when eating it, the conversation between the sausage salesman and the baker was: “what if i baked a long bun and slit it to hold the frank? then you can sell the franks, and i can sell you the buns. who knows, it might catch on.” and the hotdog as you know it today was born. This is by far one of the best gifts someone has given to me…

– D. Uricoechea



I purchased Thinkpac nearly 2 years ago, but have waited until now to write this review. One reason is the myriad uses I have discovered for these versatile cards. Thinkpac is tool for brainstorming, and is based on the author’s wonderfully useful acronym SCAMPER. (See ‘Thinkrtoys,’ Ch. Nine.)A brief book summarizes the principles. The cards provide the means.
Traditionally, brainstorming is viewed as a technique for solving problems occurring in business and industry. However, I have become increasingly intrigued with other applications. When 2 or more people engage in creative discussion many options open. I have used Thinkpac to plan a family vacation. And a friend and his associates used the cards to strategize and assemble a fantasy football team for an entire season. The sky’s the limit.

– Frank DuPra



We used this deck of cards brainstorming in our company, and the cards sparked an idea that has doubled our profit. Can’t begin to tell you about all the ideas this little deck has sparked. All I know is we are very happy to discovered this tool.

– Clayton Ambrose



I have had “THINKPAK” for about 3 years now and they have never failed to help me or my management team generate tons of ideas. Every new idea is some addition or modification to something that already exists. These cards show you how to take anything (service, product, process, etc.) and manipuate it into something new by using a checklist of questions based on the classic SCAMPER brainstorming technique that dates back to Alex Osborne the early guru of creative thinking who invented the process of brainstorming itself. Anytime you are at a loss for an idea, need a solution for a problem or just plain brainstorming, pull these out and the ideas just keep coming. If you’re in a business where you need to keep coming up with novel, fresh ideas to stay ahead of the competition, this deck is the ticket. It’s dynamite.

– Phil Bowman



This is a terrific brainstorming tool. Whenever I flip through the cards, the ideas start popping up out of nowhere. I’ve given decks to everyone on my staff. Now, we automatically flip through them, whenever we are problem solving or looking for new ideas. This is the best tool for creative thinking that I have ever seen.

– James Mitchell