This page contains Mike Newhouse’s 36 minute audio interview of Michael Michalko.

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The following is Mike Newhouse’s introduction to his audio interview blog article on the website.

I was fortunate enough to be able to recently interview Michael Michalko. Michael is a creativity expert, focusing on how to come up with creative ideas. He is the author of numerous books including my favorite, ThinkerToys.

Michael shares his background on how he became so engaged in creative thinking, his thoughts and ideas on the subject, and practical tips and information on how to come up with creative ideas yourself.

When you are ready to listen, click  HERE to begin the interview’s playback.

Mike Newhouse is also the host of Conquering Success, an up-and-coming radio show aired in Charlotte, NC and Dallas, TX.
“Conquering Success is about bringing the success secrets of the already successful, and sharing them with the world.”

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