Michael Michalko’s creative thinking techniques give you the extraordinary ability to focus on information in a different way and different ways to interpret what you are focusing on.Nine Dolphins

To the right is a picture of an old bottle. Look closely at the artwork on the bottle. What do you see?

You see a couple in an intimate pose. Right? Interestingly, young children immediately see nine dolphins. They do not see the intimate couple because they have no prior memory associated with such a scenario.

Look again at the bottle. Do you see the nine dolphins now? If not, here’s help. Look at the space between the woman’s right arm and her head. The tail is on her neck; follow it up. Look at her left hip. Follow the shaded part down; it’s another one. And on his shoulder … do you see them now? Of the nine dolphins in the picture, seven are at least as long as the woman’s upper arm, one is the size of the man’s left hand, and another is the size of the woman’s forehead.

By focusing your attention in a different way (focusing on the dark shapes instead of the light ones your memory recognizes), you changed your perception of the pattern thereby allowing yourself to see something that you could not otherwise see. Similarly, the creative thinking techniques in Michael’s books will change the way you think by enabling you to look at the same information as everyone else and see something different.