When thinking of creativity, one usually associates it with the generation and evaluation of new and fresh, original ideas, but there is more to it than that. You can use your intellect to profoundly change the way you perceive any subject or idea through prolonged inspection, thus furthering the creative process. The studies of the Gestalt psychologists concluded that prolonged study of any subject will bring about spontaneous structural changes in the subject.

The mind, through prolonged inspection of a subject, becomes bored with it and will explore alternative ways of perceiving it by decomposing the whole into parts and looking for the interesting parts. In the early steps of this process, the effects of these changes remain below the level of awareness. After a while, they penetrate consciousness as new ideas and insights. It is known that some great artists, such as Cezanne and Rodin, often spent a long time looking at their subjects before they painted or sculpted them. They were creatively profiting from the disintegration of a subject into something different brought about by prolonged inspection.

Below is an illustration of an old man and young girl rowing a boat. Incorporated into the illustration are an eel, greyhound, spade, anchor, man smoking, and a lighthouse. Study the illustration and see how many you can find.

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